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New York Airways Tribute Poster

Jet Age Art Store

Love airport posters and classic airline & airplane posters? Check out our high quality Art Print Posters celebrating the Golden Age of Air Travel, illustrated by Jet Age artist Chris Bidlack… To search the Store, click here.

(Also visit our Great Lakes Posters website to see Chris Bidlack’s original Michigan and Great Lakes themed art posters.)

New York Airways Tribute Poster


New York Airways Tribute Poster


Poster size is 14" wide by 20" tall, including a one-inch white border, and is printed on heavyweight, acid-free poster stock.

New York Airways provided scheduled passenger helicopter service to and from the major New York area airports and several helipads from 1953 to 1979. And in late 1965 New York Airways added its most famous location: The top of the Pan Am Building in Midtown Manhattan, the most glamorous Jet Age skyscraper in New York City.

In this illustrated print by Chris Bidlack, a tandem rotor Boeing Vertol 107 approaches for a landing on the Pan Am Building's rooftop helipad, a breathtaking 59 stories above the street. Although frequently noisy and very windy, this was a place that created amazing memories. By the mid-1960s, New York Airways was flying more than 20 flights a day from the top of the Pan Am Building to the Pan Am terminal at JFK. Those who boarded or exited a New York Airways helicopter on this rooftop had an exciting experience not soon to be forgotten.

By the end of 1968, New York Airways had ceased flying its Vertol 107s from the Pan Am Building. But the thrill of one the most unforgettable mid-60s air experiences still lives on in the memories of many former passengers and crew, who remember the adrenaline rush of lifting off from the rooftop of the Pan Am Building high in the sky, at the pinnacle of the Jet Age.

The print will arrive carefully packaged and ready for you to unroll and frame. (Framing instructions included.) Click on the image to see the full poster in detail. (And of course, the "" watermark does not appear on the actual poster.)

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