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Frequently Asked Questions about Jet Age Art's airport posters and classic airline & airplane posters:

Q. What are the sizes of the prints? 

Our main series of classic airport series posters and tribute posters are 14 inches wide by 20 inches high, and vertically oriented. Our classic airlines series posters are 19 inches wide and 13 inches high, and horizontally oriented. 

Q. How will my prints be packaged and shipped?

Jet Age Art prints are carefully rolled and placed into in heavy-duty 4-inch wide poster tubes, and shipped vis US Post Office Priority Mail. Shipments will usually arrive within a week of your order.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

Overseas shipping of our poster tubes will involve higher shipping fees, but is possible. Please email to determine the logistics of shipping to your country.

Q. Can I buy your prints framed? 

No, all posters are sold unframed. A sheet listing framing options and ideas is included with each order. You can also download it here:

Q. Who illustrates the Jet Age Art prints? 

All Jet Age Art Prints are researched, designed, and illustrated by Chris Bidlack, a commercial illustrator and life-long commercial aviation fan. Because Chris is not a "fine artist" or painter, but rather a graphic designer and illustrator, his works are more graphic and explanatory in nature, combining visual and textual content in a graphics style not found in the works of traditional aviation painters and artists. 

Q. How are Jet Age Art posters printed, and are they produced on acid-free paper?

Each Jet Age Art print is published under the direct supervision of the artist at a local, highly trusted commercial printing company on bright white, high-opacity Domtar 100 lb. Cougar cover-weight paper, which is acid-free, and of archival quality.

Q. How can I know when new posters become available?

The easiest way to learn when new posters are available is to subscribe to the Jet Age Art email newsletter (click here to subscribe.) You can also join the thousands of people who follow Jet Age Art on Facebook, which also gives people the opportunity to see Chris's works in progress as he posts updates on new, yet-to-be printed projects. 

Q. Do you accept commissions? 

Yes, Chris does accept commissioned projects. Commission fees can range considerably, depending on content, quantity of prints desired, and techniques requested. Email Chris directly with your specific desired subject matter for more information: 

Q. Do you make larger versions of your posters? 

Although special size orders can be requested, all posters are either 14 x 20 inches or 19 x 13 inches. Special size orders can cost $300 or more, and shipping can be complex, especially if flat shipping is desired.

Q. Why don't I see my favorite airport/airplane in your collection?

Chris is always working on new designs, so stay on the lookout for new additions to the Jet Age Art collection. He currently has plans for many more prints highlighting major airports, and a few additional aircraft for the collection. If Chris were to live to 200 years of age, you'd eventually see every loved U.S. airport and airliner represented in poster form, but with limited time (and a "day job" serving clients in his capacity as the founder and designer at Bidlack Creative Group), there are just simply too many airports, too many airplanes, and too many liveries to hope that Chris will get to every one. 

Q. Why are there a few non-jet aircraft in the Jet Age Art collection?

Although the majority of prints in the Jet Age Art collocation are of the Jet Age era, Chris illustrates what he finds interesting and fun and occasionally breaks the "Jet Age" rule, as he's done with the Lockheed Constellation, the Boeing Stratocruiser (twice!), the DC-3, and the B-24. 

Q. Do you sell your prints at airline collectible shows?

Yes. Chris regularly attends many airline collectibles shows; be sure to visit him and see all of the posters at his Jet Age Art table. Watch the Jet Age Art Facebook Page or subscribe to the Jet Age Art email newsletter for show updates.. 

Q. I’ve heard about other Jet Age Art products like bookmarks and bumper stickers. How can I buy them?

There are two ways to get special edition Jet Age Art products like bumper stickers and bookmarks. 1.) Stop by the Jet Age Art table at the many airline collectibles shows that Chris attends. Watch the Jet Age Art Facebook Page or subscribe to the Jet Age Art email newsletter for show updates. 2.) These items are sometimes available as a gift-with-purchase when you buy a certain number of Jet Age Art posters online. Check our Sale Page for our current specials and promotions.

Q. What software do you use to create the illustrations? 

Chris uses Adobe Illustrator to create all of his illustrations. Illustrator is a vector-based design program that fits well with the graphics and logo-heavy airline history topic, and the illustrative and design necessities of the aircraft and airport subject matter in Chris's layouts. 

Q. How did Jet Age Art start?

One day in 2014, Chris was looking for a poster showing all of the original paint schemes on the first Boeing 727s delivered to the airlines. Finding nothing, he decided to research and illustrate such a poster image on his own. When it was finished, Chris decided to create individual prints of each 727 in each airline's delivery livery. These prints were well received at that fall's Chicago Airline Collectibles Show, and Chris continued to create additional illustrated prints, branching out to include other Jet Age aircraft, and then creating posters for specific airports. Today, Jet Age Art offers over 70 individual prints.  

Q. What's in the works?

Chris has a long list of posters yet to be created. People frequently suggest topics for the next Jet Age Art print at airliner shows and through email. You can stay up to date on soon-to-be published prints by following Jet Age art on Facebook, or subscribing to the Jet Age Art e-newsletter